Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nocturne: 2015: Grain by Grain

I was excited to be with our Motion Activated team working with projection mapping, live capture of movement, and live drawing.

Lukas Pearse, Véronique MacKenzie and Susan Tooke:Halifax Grain Elevator, 951 South Bland St.

"In a grand-scale projection project, artists Lukas Pearse, Véronique MacKenzie and Susan Tooke present an ethereal performance piece, projected high against the facades of the Halifax Grain Elevator system and best seen from The Cunard Centre parking lot. This project was presented in partnership with the Centre for Art Tapes."

Nocturne: 2015: 3B: Backlands, Badlands, Burbs.

With the theme of Lost and Found, I worked on two of the Beacon Projects during Nocturne, 2015.

3B: Backlands, Badlands, Burbs: 

A combination of field video and audio recordings, rotoscoping animation, and still photography, 3B was Rear screen projected on velum covering a wide stretch of windows above the entrance to the new Halifax Main Library.  The audio track was broadcast in the front courtyard, so that viewers could experience video and audio not only while directly in front of the library, but from the surrounding streets.

Initiating a discussion about choices we make as a society on the growth of a city, 3B explores the destruction of natural habitat by the encroaching development of the wilderness area known as the Backlands located between Purcell’s Cove Road and Herring Cove Road.

The audience experienced, through sound and images, the natural landscape, the progression of the destruction of this rare environment and the building of the new neighbourhood. The fragile ecosystem is forever changed, with the very bedrock that supported it reshaped to provide for new housing. The lands once part of the Backlands wilderness area, found by hikers, bikers and finally developers is irrevocably lost, then re-purposed as human habitation reshapes the landscape.

photos by Richard Rudnicki